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Shop loading on the fly: Hassco Industries.

Hassco was one of the first manufacturers in Ontario to provide approved mobile tanks and continues to provide complete storage solutions for safe containment of petroleum and chemical products. Hassco uses Cohesiv to track each stage in their production process in real-time and report to customers on estimated completion dates. 

Prioritizing new jobs, keeping our customers in the loop, and balancing communications with the shop floor is faster and more effective with this system. Cohesiv has given me an eagle-eye view of my entire production operation - tracking overheads, re-prioritizing our shop load, and taking in new projects is seamless.

Ahmed Hassan

General Manager at Hassco Industries

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Visualize Production Operations in a single view

The project with Hassco Industries started with a single question: how do we fix the lack of visibility on our shop floor?

A lack of transparency  meant overloading the shop floors capacity, not delivering on promise dates, and duplicating work between our front office and shop floor.

The Cohesive application implemented in Hassco targeted through performance indicators to increase production planning capacity, reduce overheads, and bring transparency:
1. Production Prioritization and Planning: Monitor job queues on the shop floor, see each production stage capacity, and quickly access a digital board of  upcoming.

2. Visualization and Transparency: track data on estimated time of completion, parts complete, real-time downtime alerts and operator performance.

3. Real-Time Data: Calculates length of job using timers, tracks productivity vs. time in production, reports on inventory levels for planned productions, and tracks rework/surplus to reduce overhead.  

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Decisions

The implementation of a digital visual production board captures the entire production workflow in a single screen and makes it easy for shop-floor and office staff to communicate production progress.
Having met these goals using Cohesiv, Hassco’s team continues to better plan their upcoming production runs and respond to customer inquiries on job progress and expected completion dates.

All the information I need is at my fingertips with this system - and exchanging information between the front office and our operators happens quick. That means I can focus on making sure our shop load is prioritize and running at its most efficient."

Vincent Pigeon

Supervisor at Hassco Industries

A single platform to tie it all together

By implementing Cohesiv's Production Visualizer on their shop floor Hassco continues to:

Reduce surplus inventory by showing completed tanks that customers cancelled.

Reduce administrative inefficiencies - searching jobs and responding to customers done on the fly.

Reduce rework and operator errors - job orders and job packets are digital, operators can easily access work orders and submit QA checks without the hassle of paper on the floor

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