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H&G Powder Painting: Adapt & React to Production Priorities

Job shops present a unique challenge in manufacturing as every daily production schedule is unique itself. H&G Powder Painting offers the highest quality powder paint produced by the industries most recognized powder manufacturers.

We are the busiest we've ever been. Things were chaotic before [Cohesiv]. I used to come in the morning and have to dig through paperwork to see how our shifts performed. But now in a single click I can see every production metric from each one of our teams.

Peter Giles

General Manager at

H&G Powder Painting

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Visualize, prioritize and start production fast

Each H&G customer has custom requirements requiring careful powder painting to ensure the highest quality.

As a job shop there is no predicting what the next customer order will be; supervisors have to make quick decision and have even quicker turn around times on production throughput.

H&G Powder Painting uses Cohesiv's Adaptive Scheduler; a system built to visualize job floor and help  leadership quickly adjust, re-prioritize, and deliver on customer promise dates.

Within months they began seeing improvements in  accuracy to quote on jobs and delivery dates, reduce administrative shop floor processes and update customers in real-time on the status of their production.

Seamless Communications from Shop to Office to Customer

H&G's Adaptive Scheduler's main goal was to give the leadership team visualization over their shop floor and monitor real time job progress, shop capacity, and upcoming jobs.

Being able to see every production run live on mobile means customer updates can happen in instant.  

Each production run tracks operator run times, downtimes, and estimated completion dates for the most accurate promise date deliveries.

The systems core features and real-team trackers are able to visualize:

1. The exact length each production run takes from start to finish.
2. Profitability of each job based on pricing and run time calculators.
3. Overheads/profit loss due to downtime.
4. Inventory tracking for quick turn arounds on RFQ's.

I see it as a step in the right direction. We're investing in our future... With a push of a button I can see I made money on 'ABC' - I made A LOT of money on 'ABC' - and I lost on EFG. And now I have the data I need  to make decisions on fixing EFG.

Peter Giles

General Manager at

H&G Powder Painting

As Adaptive as a Job Shop Floor

Job Shop production schedules are constantly in flux - change happens in an instant and having a system that can adapt to those changes is a crucial part of H&G's success. Running across three shifts - managers are able to reprioritize production runs remotely and make business decisions that better optimize their shop for more capacity, and more profit.

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