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Your process

We configure software to your specific process and leverage your feedback to maximize success and benefit.

Forms, barcodes & more

Data capture is the first step towards automation and data efficiency on your shop floor.

Advanced math & logic

Implement advanced business logic and process data with laser precision and get rid of the spreadsheets. 

Users & Groups

Create great personalized experiences for your team using common user attributes. 


Stay connected with proactive notifications from the shop floor. 

Unlimited Opportunities

Production scheduling and visualization is just the start to making your shop Cohesiv. 

Views of the World

We create custom views of the data based on user needs and requirements, ensuring it's there when you need it.


Fuel continuous improvement with a Cohesiv system that grows and changes with your business.

Experienced support

Leverage years of experience in delivering software solutions to manufacturers and industrial businesses. 


Built for manufacturing, transportation & warehousing

Robot arm

Nobody needs another ERP/TMS/MES

Break free from the limitations of enterprise software 

Cohesiv changes the software development game

Cohesiv was built to empower your team with easy to use tools that allow them to deliver complex solutions in minutes.

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