A new way to deliver manufacturing solutions...

Cohesiv's approach combines data, visual programming and design in an innovative platform that allows us to rapidly deliver affordable solutions that are tailored to your business processes.


Before Cohesiv, manufacturers had two choices for software solutions:

ERP systems and other off-the-shelf software that force manufacturers to adapt to rigid software.

Or building a custom solution from scratch with traditional development. Custom development is never quick or easy. Miscommunications of technical capabilities, process changes due to business needs or regulations, and a global shortage of developers all contribute to high costs and long wait times.

Now, Cohesiv’s no-code platform has the power to build affordable, adaptable software.

Cohesiv is an affordable, low-risk platform that molds to your business and manufacturing processes. Changes can be quickly reflected in your Cohesiv solution, giving you the freedom to make adjustments as necessary.


The manufacturing world is changing. Are you?

Find out how Cohesiv can help you visualize and future proof your entire supply chain.

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