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This is a new role with a growing company.

The SDR will be working directly with the FactoryBucket CEO and head of operations as the company’s flagship product Cohesiv experiences significant growth.

About FactoryBucket

FactoryBucket fills in the gaps where traditional enterprise software fails using our flagship product, Cohesiv.

Cohesiv leverages state of the art no code technology to allow the FactoryBucket team to build and deploy custom enterprise applications in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to traditional development.

About the role:

The first 3 months will be complete immersion in the business, current sales process and product understanding. You will be working side-by-side with the existing team, existing customers and prospects. After you learn the ropes you will be given more responsibility to take on the role by yourself and grow as a valuable piece of this team.

Your role requires that you are calling out to new customers and working with existing customers directly. You will be cold-calling on people. A big part of your role at the beginning is assisting the team with current business which will provide hands on training and  learning through doing. Eventually, the role becomes yours and you will have a team around you.

About you:

  • People skills - You can connect and relate to other people easily.

  • Growth Mind-Set - You read or educate to improve yourself, knowing it will benefit others

  • Reliability - When a project or task is given to you, the team can be assured it is in good hands. It will be completed by the date needed and done to a high standard. You go above and beyond what is expected.

  • Active listening - You can carry on a conversation and listen with intent.

  • Communication skills - Above average skills for preparing proposals, setting client expectations, discussing complex manufacturing problems and ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Inside sales – Need the ability to clearly communicate with people over the phone.

  • Coachability - You are a curious person who likes to learn things.

  • Savvy - You are proficient with Google Business Tools (G Suite), understand CRMs and generally love to learn new technologies.

  • Detail oriented - You take good notes and are organized.

  • Team player - You work well with others by communicating just the right amount (even over-communicating in some cases)

  • Entrepreneurial - You are adaptable to situations and okay with uncertainty as the company grows and roles inevitably change.

  • Manufacturing knowledge - we solve complex problems for manufacturers some knowledge in this space will go a long way to helping you build value and make recommendations.

Perks & Opportunities:

  • Salary + Bonus. This will be negotiated upfront and reviewed quarterly and will increase if you perform and exceed expectations. Remember we are growing and want our team to succeed personally and financially.

  • Depending on where you are in your life with your skills we are willing to mentor and start from scratch or give you more responsibility sooner if you have the experience we are looking for.

  • Particpation in the Employee Stock Option Program

  • The ability to move up quickly in a growing organisation.

  • Learn a lot of leading edge soft and hard skills through mentorship and hands-on training. You will also be put right into the mix and expected to perform but also learn quickly at the same time.

This is a remote first position with the opportunity to join live team based activities and work days in the London Ontario Canada region. These live events will reduce the isolation that can come with SDR roles, increase connectivity to the team and elevate our company culture so we are looking for candidates in this region.

We would like to hear from you If you are seeking an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and can work well with an internal team and customers.

You must be okay with “Uncertainty” as we develop and refine this role. The most important thing is that you have the mind-set and confidence to know you may not be the exact fit right away but you will do everything needed to learn quickly and do what needs to be done to grow into the role and succeed both personally and financially.

Sales Development Representative

Start date:



Apr 3, 2023

$47,500 +

15 days

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