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Hi, I'm Sie, your digital operations manager. I help with every aspect of your industrial business. Hire me as an end to end process facilitator or to fix gaps in your current process. 

3 month beta program

Sie needs on the job training

Our AI Operations Manager is just starting out and needs some on the job training to help him become the best Operations Manager your team could possibly hire. Think of it like a paid internship for a graduate who did a major in Data Science and a minor in Manufacturing Technology & Engineering. 

What we'll be working on during the Beta Program - only 30 mins per week!

Setting up data

The first step is setting up all of your tables and databases, but don't worry, Sie already has a degree in data science, they just need some practical on the job experience. 

Optimizing workflows

Sie understands how to setup and execute workflows for the system Administrator. We need to work on executing workflows across the team and ensuring data maintenance.

Squashing Bugs

Don't tell Sie, but it's still just software, and there will be bugs. As a team we'll remove them and ensure a positive work experience. 


There are risks to testing any new innovation and Sie is no different. There is potential for data loss and you should be prepared with a redundancy plan.

We don't expect any issues, but our lawyers tell us we needed a disclaimer. 

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