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Welcome to the 30 Minute ERP

Up and running in minutes

Built for the enterprise

Private & Secure

If you can explain it,

you can build it. 

Say goodbye to pricey consultants, change management campaigns, unhappy employees and learning curves all together.

Configure processes with chat

Sophisticated roles & permissions

Integrate data from anywhere

One interface to rule them all

Everything has an audit trail

Up and running in minutes

Manage any procedure, any process, any data, all in one dead simple interface. 

Key Features

Natural Language Configuration

If you can explain it, you can build it, seriously. Just write out your process in point form, add your team, give it a command and Cohesiv will run that process whenever it's triggered by a team member with permission. 

One Dead Simple Interface

Just chat and data. Configured with chat, deployed with chat, managed with chat. Eliminate training, boring user guides, steep learning curves and pricey consultants with an experience your team already uses every day. 

Enterprise Ready

From the shop floor to the C-Suite, Cohesiv uses leading security protocols, sophisticated roles and permissions and can scale globally. 

The real irony here is mostly all of pain we feel today is a direct result of decades of legacy monolithic complicated ERP insanity.

It's time to rethink it all.

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You'll have your first process ready in under 30 mins 


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